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Veronica Ryl

20160429_114724_cropVeronica Ryl

Paramedic & Artist

Citizenship: Canadian
Edmonton, Alberta

Veronica Ryl is a paramedic, advanced open-water diver, world traveler and artist. With being naturally drawn to the great outdoors and inclined toward challenges in diversely changing conditions, the Sedna Epic Expedition spoke to Veronica at a deep level from the first mention of it from her family.

She has worked in the EMS industry for eight years and brings with her a breadth of different critical care medical skills. Her current employment includes areas working within 911 Ambulance Emergency Response (urban and rural), hospital integration, mental health community resource support and assisted living supportive care. She also works as a paramedic within the community of Maskwacis (formerly known as Hobbema), and brings with her a specialized Aboriginal background.

GetInlineA fiery passion for traveling has landed her on all continents of the world partaking in various adventures. Her first trip abroad was backpacking in Southern Africa at the age of 18; since then she has gotten lost in the Costa Rican jungle, couchsurfed in chicken coops and bunkers within Honduras, camped in a VW van around Iceland, has been stuck on Everest Base Camp trail during the Nepal Earthquake of 2015, and has run various ultramarathons, among many other adventures.

An avid outdoors enthusiast, Veronica has a strong connection with the backcountry and spends her time pounding trails and reveling at the outland stars as much as possible. With a high sensitivity for conservation and minimalist concerns, she has a robust interest in the areas of self-sustainability, organic gardening and off-grid living. She recently completed an Earthship Academy session in Taos, New Mexico, in 2015.

Veronica believes that vision within art expression is a link to bringing understanding of important concepts within the world. She has personal experience within conceptual art realms, which brings life and connection among community to important ideas. It is her goal in this mission to integrate both social realms with creativity to cultivate understanding and awareness.


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