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Crossing the Arctic Circle via Snorkel

Team Sedna Group picture after Arctic Circle Swim

Team Sedna Group picture after Arctic Circle Swim

For hundreds of years, polar expeditions have marked the crossing the Arctic Circle with jovial festivities and costumes, and the imbibing of gut-wrenching spirits. On July 23, at 2100 hours, Team Sedna crossed the Arctic Circle, adding a twist to this maritime tradition…

Captain Kim and Milos, the owner of the MV Cape Race, dressed up in outlandish outfits, borrowing items from the galley (a calendar for a crown; a mop for a staff; and table cloths and dish rags for dresses). But, before Team Sedna drank Captain Kim’s horrible brew, he ordered all ten sea women overboard—literally.

We jumped willingly into the dark deep waters off Western Greenland, determined to snorkel—in true Sedna fashion—through the Arctic Circle at latitude 66 degrees 33 minutes North.

I suspect that this Arctic Circle crossing, by a team of ten female snorkelers, might very well be a maritime first…

Susan R. Eaton Snorkeling in Arctic

Susan R. Eaton snorkeling offshore Western Greenland

Decked out in SANTI Ladies First dry suits, we posed for photos and videos in the liquid mercury-like waters (it’s impossible to see the bottom in waters deeper than 50 metres). After conducting snorkeling relays in 9,000 feet of water in the Davis Strait, water depth is not an issue for Team Sedna!

We snorkeled back to the MV Cape Race, shoulder to shoulder in a line of ten sea women. The swells increased in amplitude during our snorkel, and when Charlene and I reached the ship, we were thrown a safety line to hang onto until we could safely exit the water. The swells lifted us upwards, some three metres, towards the ship’s deck.

Once all ten sea women were safely on deck, we sipped Captain Kim’s undrinkable concoction, a deadly mixture of every spirit on the vessel. Some of the women stayed up until past midnight, waiting for the sun to dip below the horizon. The sun disappeared but it never got dark in the land of the midnight sun.

Where Did Team Sedna Cross the Arctic Circle?

66 degrees 33 minutes North
54 degrees 4 minutes West

Posted By: Susan R. Eaton
Date: July 24, 2014

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