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Diving with the D4I Novo Compupter

suunto-d4i-novo-blue-perspective-1Diving with the D4i Novo Computer

Suunto has provided Team Sedna’s scuba divers with its flagship D4i Novo dive computer. This popular design offers lightweight functionality with optional air integration, all in the size of a wrist watch. At the heart of every Suunto dive computer is a mathematical algorithm that keeps track of the diver’s decompression status. The reduced gradient bubble model (RGBM) algorithm was developed by Suunto, together with Dr. Bruce Wienke, more than a decade ago. This adaptable algorithm provides an accurate picture of what’s happening in the diver’s body throughout a dive. The Suunto D4i Nova Computer’s reliability has been proven by millions of successful dives.

Data from the Suunto dive computers and watches are easily downloadable to PCs and Macs— these data can be stored and re-purposed using their free DM5 software. With the diver’s permission, this data can also be populated on the www.movescout.com website and shared through social networks as desired.

This item is available through Team Sedna’s Indiegogo Campaign as a perk for supporting us.

Source: Jill Heinerth’s Blog
Date: July 18, 2014

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