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Goodbye Nain, Labrador

FollowCapeRace5680lThe next stage of our journey begins. We leave Nain, Labrador on the MV Cape Race and head north. The experience here in Nain has been incredible. I think all of us would agree that it exceeded our wildest imaginations. We wanted to tread very lightly and not make any assumptions about storming in with education for the community. Our fears were alleviated immediately. Everyone was eager to learn more about what we were doing. The community gathers around the pier to fish and hang out. They were keen to bring their children to learn about the residents of our fish tanks and talk about scuba, the ocean and the geography of our trip plans ahead. In turn we learned about the Inuktituk names and legends associated with certain marine life. We listened to stories about what was part of the food supply and what was not. We learned about a beautiful way of life that involves a high emphasis on family and community activities. The children are smart, curious and warm and we could not have had a better launch for the Sedna Expedition.

Source: Jill Heinerth Blog
Date: July 14, 2014

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