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Innovation Springs Eternal

ffwd-weeklyTeam Sedna’s Susan R. Eaton was recently featured in Fast Forward Weekly Magazine.

Calgary is full of incredible innovators, and Telus Spark wants you to meet some of them.

That’s the idea behind its Meet an Innovator series, a program that brings local problem-solvers into the science centre to showcase their approaches and discoveries. These innovators aren’t necessarily scientists (although there are plenty of those). Since its launch in September 2013, the series has featured artists Jeff de Boer and Eveline Kolijn, the Calgary Fire Department, and mobile concert venue BassBus.

Jessica Knights, public programmer at Telus Spark, says its in-house definition of innovator is “a curious person or group who is out in the community and creatively solving a problem.”

“When we use the term ‘problem,’ sometimes we think that it’s an issue somewhere that needs to be resolved, but sometimes it’s just finding a gap somewhere in the field and trying to fill that gap,” she says.

As an example, she points to last June’s innovator, professor Hector De la Hoz Siegler, who researches microalgae (or pond scum) as a potential biofuel. And while it isn’t running our cars (yet), his work is opening up new possibilities for the future.


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Date: December 11, 2014

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