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Meet Phantom

ErikeROVTest0625lErika Bergman is our ROV Pilot (right). Today she tested her Open ROV “Phantom” in the pool to ensure it made it safely through transport. Charlene Barker (left) assisted with an extra set of hands. A small leak was caught and is being dealt with. Luckily Ocean Quest is also a spa and lots of hair dryers were available! Phantom will go for another swim and hopefully come up dry! Francoise Gervais (back) tested her new Santi suit and came up dry, so she is a happy diver. Susan and Emily are both busy with logistics and media. We’ll give a talk at Petty Harbor Aquarium Thursday at 10 am and another at Memorial University July 10, 2014 at 1pm MUN Bruneau Centre for Research and Innovation IIC 2001.

Source: Jill Heinerth Blog
Date: July 9, 2014

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