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Outreach Overwhelming

EmilyKidMask1507lWe had another incredibly rewarding day with the community. We caught a fresh batch of animals from the public wharf. Many people turned up to watch us dive and were prepared to stock up the tanks when we emerged from the water. We also brought home a transom cover that had been lost by a local boater some time ago. He asked us to pick it up for him and was relieved to have his boat part back. I think it had been in the water for a while, because I had to scrape off some resident anemones and other animals before returning it to him.

Ruby got everyone involved in the tanks and we tried to share a delicate message about trash in the ocean as we chatted with the kids. They were very receptive and were eager to touch, hold and learn about the residents on their local pier.

We’ll set sail in the morning from Nain and move north. The ice is socked in around Saglek Inlet in the Torngats so we are not sure what lies ahead.

Source: Jill Heinerth Blog
Date Posted: July 14, 2014

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