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Sedna’s July 2014 proof-of-concept expedition delivers results

explorers-club-logoSedna’s July 2014 proof-of-concept expedition delivers results: Planning continues for the Northwest Passage snorkel relay in 2017

By Susan R. Eaton MI’11
Founder and Leader, the 2014-2016 Sedna Epic Expedition

I watched intently as several pods of long-finned pilot whales – their bulbous black heads plowed through the water creating bow waves during their passage – approached the MV Cape Race, our 116’ expedition vessel. A large pod of curious whales and calves encircled Erika Bergman, a submersible pilot and Young National Geographic Explorer, as she snorkeled nearby in the deep waters of the Davis Strait.

From Greenland to Alaska, Sedna is the Inuit goddess of the sea. As the spiritual mother of all marine mammals, Sedna regularly takes the form of the sea creatures within her watery domain. What a fitting welcome and good omen for the 2014-2016 Sedna Epic Expedition’s inaugural sea trials in the Davis Strait.

From July 10 to 27, 2014, I led an exceptional 10-woman team of ocean explorers, scientists, scuba diving professionals, movie makers and journalists on the 20-day proof-of-concept snorkel expedition from northern Labrador to western Greenland.


Read Full Article: Explorer’s Club Far Afield: Volume 6, No. 2. Winter 2015

Source: The Explorers Club – Canadian Charter
Date: Winter 2015

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