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Suunto Gives Direction to Team Sedna

suunto-ambit2-s-white-hr-l-11Finnish-based Suunto has provided Team Sedna with Ambit 2S GPS fitness watches to track its proof-of-concept expedition through the Arctic. These advanced devices are used by athletes around the world to track their fitness, journeys and adventures. Team Sedna is using a version of the Ambit, which is specially designed to fit women’s narrower wrists while providing the full features of the watch.

The Ambit has become an open source craze among computer savvy athletes. The data can be re-purposed using community shared apps. Clever programmers have created apps such as a cupcake counter, letting a runner know how many cupcakes he/she has burned off. Other more serious apps help swimmers, triathletes and cyclists plan their training for events and life goals.

Using the Ambit, Team Sedna’s snorkelers will gather heart rate data, GPS locations, speed and duration in the water. Science Team members, led by Francoise Gervais, will use the GPS, speed and timing functions to conduct marine mammal and sea bird surveys; the wildlife data collected will be shared with Environment Canada and other organizations.

We’ll be using the www.movescout.com website to log date and shout out our journey to the world.

Source: Jill Heinerth Blog
Date Posted: July 15, 2104

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