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Team Sedna Featured in the Explorers Club Newsletter

explorers-club-logoTeam Sedna Member Susan R. Eaton was recently featured in the March 2015 issue of the The Explorers Club Newsletter

Snorkel Relays in Arctic Waters

March 22 (The Explorers Club, NYC)
Polar Snorkeler Susan R. Eaton MI’11 is giving a talk during The Explorers Club Annual Dinner weekend about her proof-of-concept snorkel expedition from northern Labrador to western Greenland to investigate ocean change. For more information Sedna Epic Expedition.

Team Sedna has been making waves, garnering international media coverage in magazines, newspapers, radio and TV. To follow Team Sedna, visit www.facebook.com/sednaepic or www.sednaepic. To view the Sedna Epic Youtube video, visit www.youtube.com/user/sednaepic.

Read Full Article: March 2015, Newsletter

Source: The Explorers Club – Canadian Charter
Date: March 2015

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