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Diane Fiedler


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Citizenship: American
Boston, Massachusetts

Diane Fiedler is a fine artist, designer, illustrator and art educator creating gestural watercolors, “nat-sci” art, and water-based installation art.   Well-versed in the interface between voyage-based natural history illustration and American Romantic landscape painting, she expresses this expertise with artworks exploring the impacts of climate change, invasive species, and altered natural habitats.  She is especially interested in all things Arctic.

Diane FiedlerIn the summers of 2012 and 2015-17 Fiedler has sent her 5 ft. by 8 ft. watercolor paintings of polar bears to the Arctic with her collaborator, Sedna Epic Advisor’s Milbry Polk.  Diane painted these bears to serve as an effigy, an offering– a replacement for real polar bears under duress. The paintings have been installed off Apotok Island, Baffin Island, Nunavut, Canada, off ililussat Glacier and in Söndefjord, West Greenland. Also, they have been a brilliant temporary installion in an abandoned Hudson Bay Company hut on Nunavut’s Somerset Island.    The paintings are meant to float upon the surface of the sea, where currents try to drag the paintings under the water, and nearby icebergs calf, creating shock waves as the installation volunteers are pulling the painting back into the zodiac! Additionally, the paintings become vulnerable as they are soaked with seawater— the pigment can dissolve, and tearing can damage the structure of the painting.  And because of their size and weight,  the deployment of the  art installations presents challenges to the safety of the crew as well.  This challenge to the painted surface, the vulnerability of my collaborators/the crew, and damages to the paper is all part of the meaning of the installation’s offering as substitution and for support of Arctic wildlife. Each year’s installation must respond to unique challenges, such raging storms or  disappearing sea ice.  Diane is thrilled to have had collaborators who have extended the meaning and vision of these installations with their determination and ingenuity.  In summer 2018, Sedna Epic will be accepting this challenge, and extending the vision Fiedler’s art installations by deploying them under the surface of the Arctic seas with the help of Sedna Epic’s SeaWomen divers..

Diane Fiedler ArtDiane Fiedler recieved a degree in Visual and Enfvironmental studies at Harvard with a focus in photography.  Working first for the Boston Globe and then as a commerical designer and illustrator, Fiedler’s graphic design clients include Fidelity Investments, WGBH, Sheraton Hotels, Gillette, and AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals.   Diane’s cartoons & designs have been published in The Boston Globe, as educational children’s readers & greeting cards/stationery across the USA.  She has exhibited her watercolors at diverse venues ranging from contemporary art’s Decordova Museum to the Boston Childrens Museum and The Explorer’s Club.  She has created educational installation artworks for the lobby of The Broad Institute (human genome), and for the Boston Childrens Museum incorporating their natural history collections.  Recently she created digital/watercolor illustrations for Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Dept. of Urban Studies & Planning’s online open source course on sustainable development in the Straits of Johor mangroves of Malaysia.

Fiedler’s  “studio-art-courses-in-a-biology-lab” for Tufts University Experimental College, is a unique, innovative Sci-Art STEAM course.  It received special commendation from the university,  and was credited simultaneously by the Tufts Environmental Sciences Dept. and Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts Museum School.   Students personally explore  the intersections of popular science, history of science art, nature-themed contemporary arts, and  and issues of scientific data visualization in their own studio art practice.  The course includes the use of nature materials such as mycelium, squid ink, skulls, and live musem reptiles & rescue birds, as well as live research frogs borrowed from the lab as models.  Curriculum utilizes rare Tufts University special collections and incorporates faculty research on populations dynamics of fireflies and regenerative tissue science.  Diane incorporates many of these lessons into her on-going adult art education teaching in Greater Boston, with additional curriculm on John Singer Sargent, the history of pigments, and the continuing scientific studies at Henry David Thoreau’s Walden.

Diane has sailed with expeditions along the coasts of Maine, northern Scotland, Italy, Denmark & Sweden in the Baltic Sea, and the north-tip of Vancouver Island and cruised along the inland canals of Wales. She is a certified open water diver, with dives in Hawaii and Bonaire. When not exploring Colorado & Wyoming’s mountains & ranches, California coasts, Ohio farmlands, New York and Berlin,  you can find her urban-sketching historic Boston Harbor or at her lake home in New Hampshire, painting shoreline details from a canoe.

Diane Fiedler’s website is  https://diane-fiedler.squarespace.com/

Diane Fiedler’s Instagram is dianefiedler and focuses on her watercolors and whimsical arts 

Diane Fiedler’s twitter feed is at dianefiedler and focuses on her Arctic paintings, sci-art, ocean conservation and environmental concerns