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Ernest H. Brooks II

ernest-h-brooks-lgErnest H. Brooks II

B&W Photographer, Ocean Advocate, Diver and Educator

A member of the International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame, Ernest H. Brooks II is often called the “Ansel Adams of the ocean” for his striking B&W photography. Head of the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, Ernie is an educator who promotes photography as a universal language.

An adventurer, diver and marine advocate, Ernie has won international acclaim for his dramatic B&W images of the marine environment—he’s travelled to the depths of the oceans and to the bottom of the world, to Antarctica, to portray the marine environment which has changed dramatically during his 60-year career. And, he’s witnessed great technological advances in the photographic industry during his career. Conversant in colour underwater imagery, Ernie still prefers to shoot B&W and infrared images.

Winged Wall, Antarctica copyright Ernest H. Brooks II/photokunst. Winged Wall, Antarctica copyright Ernest H. Brooks II/photokunst

Winged Wall, Antarctica copyright Ernest H. Brooks II/photokunst

Ernie has published in many periodicals, including Ocean Real Magazine, Outside, National Geographic, Smithsonian, Communication Arts, Westways, Scuba Times, Skin Diver, Foto-World, Sous-Marine. Through his images and public presentations, Ernie is a powerful voice for ocean exploration and ocean preservation.

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