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Breezy Grenier

Breezy Grenier

Breezy Grenier

Ocean Scientist, Educator & Explorer

Citizenship: United States
Sherman, Connecticut and Portsmouth, Rhode Island

Marine Science Educator, US Coast Guard Veteran, AASI Snowboarding Instructor, NAUI Scuba Instructor, AAUS Scientific Diver, NAUI Technical Diver, and USCG 100-ton Master Captain.

Breezy is an Ocean M.E.S.E (mariner, educator, scientist, explorer) with a passion for polar and deep-sea exploration. When she is not busy managing a seasonal tourism business and marina on Block Island, RI, you can find her teaching snowboarding and scuba diving, serving as a boat captain, and participating on scientific expeditions around the world.

As a Member National of the Explorers Club, Breezy has visited all 50 US states, six out of seven continents, four out of five oceans, and the Geographic North Pole. Her father is originally from Canada, and her love for the cold is part of her DNA. Breezy first visited the Arctic Circle was when she was stationed in Alaska with the US Coast Guard—it was here that she discovered her calling in life. She’s worked as expedition staff trainee and geology lecturer on an expedition to the Geographic North Pole via Franz Josef Land and Russia, travelling on world’s largest nuclear icebreaker.

Upon graduating from the University of Rhode Island, she began her scientific career as a National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) At Sea Monitor (fisheries observer) off the coast of New England. In March 2016, Breezy participated in the Okeanos Explorer-in-Training Program, exploring and mapping the seafloor in the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument between the Marshall Islands and Guam.

Breezy has travelled far and wide across the world, and has seen the devastation left by humans, mostly in the form of plastic. With more than 14 years of experience as an educator, Breezy loves to speak at schools and social groups, sharing her experiences, passing along her knowledge and skills to help foster the next generation of ocean scientists and explorers.

Breezy Scubadiving

A recent graduate of the University of Rhode Island, she holds a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Geology and Geological Oceanography with minors in Marine Biology and Underwater Archaeology. She has also studied widely abroad: the SEA Education Association’s Global Ocean Program in New Zealand; the Geological Society of America; the Jackson School of Geosciences; and the University of Texas at Austin’s Travels in Geology Program: Antarctica and the Scotia Arc. Breezy has also has attended many continuing education courses at the Université de Genève, University of São Paulo, and at the University of Bremen.

Email Breezy: breezy.grenier@gmail.com
Website: www.breezyseas.com

Facebook: /breezyseas
Linkedin: /breezygrenier
Instagram: @breezy_seas
Twitter: @breezy_seas

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