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Dr. Diane Howard Langlois

Dr. Diane Howard LangloisDr. Diane Howard Langlois, PhD

Citizenship: Canadian
Calgary, Alberta

A seasoned polar traveler with nine expeditions to the Arctic and three to Antarctica, Dr. Diane Howard Langlois is well recognized as an artist, reporter, videographer and scholar.

Diane spent more than a decade working as a radio and television reporter for CTV, Global and CBC networks. During that time, she also worked as a media consultant, market analyst and researcher.

Diane Langlois – Plein Air Cobalt Lake, British Columbia

Diane has taught at the collegiate level, at Mount Royal College, and at the professorial level at Florida State University and the University of Calgary, where she won multiple awards. In 2004, Diane won the prestigious National Alan Blizzard Award and an Honorary Teaching Excellence Award from the University of Calgary.

After a decade in media and another two decades in academia, Diane decided to embark to try something radically different: Without any formal art training, she took a sabbatical from teaching in 2007, and opened an art studio and started to paint. She also added her maternal French name of Langlois as her “nom de peinture”. At the outset, she started painting flowers. But, after a trip to the Arctic in 2007, Diane decided to focus painting the polar regions. Since then Dr. Diane Howard Langlois has exhibited in almost one hundred juried shows in both Canada and the United States.

Searching For A Rainbow Mixed Media 36x36 Churchill Canada

Searching For A Rainbow Mixed Media 36×36 Churchill Canada

Diane now devotes herself fulltime to painting the remote regions of the world, the Arctic and Antarctic, the peaks of the Canadian Rockies, and the more remote regions of the Namib and Sonoran deserts. By focusing on the landscapes and animals of these largely uninhabited areas, Diane conveys the experience of visiting parts of the world most people will never see. Her paintings are not just compelling nature scenes however – they also capture the social, cultural, and economic stresses placed on these fragile environments and ecosystems. Her boldly colored canvases combine photography, painting and video art with social and cultural science. She makes people aware of contemporary issues affecting the far-flung environments of the planet.

Diane says she prefers mixed media on canvas over other nonverbal mediums because it is far more permanent and a “vocation of the soul”. The art of painting is an ancient discipline that requites understanding of history; both past and present. It also demands skill, insight and wisdom.

Diane is represented by Masters Gallery in Calgary and Agora Gallery in New York. She is a member of the Alberta Society of Artists and shows regularly with the Federation of Canadian Artists. Dr. Diane Howard Langlois has a DCS in Social Studies, a BA in Film and Communications, a M.Sc. in Broadcast Journalism and a Ph.D. in Communication Research with a cognate in Information Technology.

Painting on the Edge 21st Century Arctic Oil on Canvas 36x36 Hurry Inlet Svalbard

Painting on the Edge 21st Century Arctic Oil on Canvas 36×36 Hurry Inlet Svalbard

You can view Diane’s work at: https://dianelanglois.com

You can view Diane’s exhibitions at: https://dianelanglois.com/exhibitions/