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Emily R. Paris

Emily Paris

Emily R. Paris

Marine Scientist

Citizenship: American
San Diego, California

Emily is an undergraduate student majoring in Biochemistry & Cell Biology at UC San Diego and minoring in Marine Science at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. Fascinated with the way marine bacteria interact with biological and chemical processes in the ocean, Emily is conducting bacteria-focused research projects in the Bradley S. Moore Lab at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Water has always been Emily’s second home. At just ten years old, she earned the title of Northern California Overall Swim Champion for her age group. Today, she is a certified scuba diver, and holds her dry suit, DPV, and marine debris specialty certifications. She hopes to earn her scientific dive certification by the end of this year. Emily is also an avid dancer and is thrilled to integrate her passion for art with marine science as a Sedna Seawoman.

Emily ParisEmily is passionate about volunteering in local and global communities and is an advocate for environmental change. At age 19, Emily spent part of her summer volunteering at the Costa Rica Animal Rescue Center, where she helped rehabilitate injured and orphaned sloths, designed enrichment activities for scarlet macaws, and cared for howler monkeys. As a third year in college, she is part of an eco-sustainability group that speaks to local city councils about making environmental policy changes, such as banning straws and single-use plastics. She recently became an instructor for UC San Diego’s Sally Ride Science “Library NExT” programs, where she teaches science-art hybrid workshops on the human genome for middle and high school students in the San Diego area.Emily Paris

Emily will be joining the 2019 expedition to Tromsø, Norway, where she will help film and record the bioacoustics of orca and humpback whales as they feed on herring. She will also be blogging the daily activities of the expedition and participating in other science research projects being conducted by the women onboard. While she has traveled to Alaska, Canada, and Iceland, this expedition to Norway will be the farthest North Emily has traveled to. She feels lucky to be introduced to the Arctic in the company of many polar region and whale experts–all female role models that she looks up to.

After graduating from UC San Diego in 2020, Emily plans to earn a PhD focused on the genomic adaptations of marine microorganisms to climate change. Her interests include bacteria that are adapted to living in extreme environments, such as methane seeps and polar regions. She will continue researching marine microorganisms while exploring and protecting the world’s oceans!




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