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Krista Bouwman

Krista BouwmanKrista Bouwman

Marine Management & Policy

Citizenship: Canadian
Halifax, Nova Scotia

Krista Bouwman is a recent graduate of Dalhousie University’s Master of Marine Management. Krista’s graduate thesis involved analyzing vessels using the Scotian Shelf during the year 2015. She gathered information including vessel size, speed, and frequency on the Scotian Shelf to predict how shipping impacts the North Atlantic right whale, an animal that is very vulnerable to collisions with vessels. The result of Krista’s thesis was a detailed list of the vessels most likely to collide with right whales, and how to contact them for future conservation measures. Krista Flippertagging

Since completing her graduate degree, Krista has volunteered for several organizations to gain experience in the environmental field. In May, she participated in two weeks of “Turtle Bootcamp” at Scales Nature Park, an intense field training program to prepare for a month of volunteering with the Saving Turtles at Risk Today – START program. Shortly after her training at Scales Nature Park, she travelled to Trinidad with the Canadian Sea Turtle Network to help with Leatherback sea turtle conservation during the nesting season. Both her work with Scales Nature Park and the Canadian Sea Turtle Network have given her some of the most amazing experiences of her life.

Krista with leatherbackThough Krista’s experience is predominantly with reptiles and amphibians, she has always been interested in the Arctic. An ecology course in her undergraduate degree introduced her to the beautiful arctic tundra, the creatures that inhabit it and the people with their rich culture. During her masters, Krista took a Community Based Co-Management course that taught her how traditional ecological knowledge and scientific knowledge can be combined to conserve the Arctic.

Krista has always been a strong public speaker and educator. She’s very excited to share her ocean knowledge and experience with her team members and northern communities. She also has a strong policy background, which will enable her to grasp political issues related to the future of the Arctic.

Krista divingKrista completed her PADI Open Water diving course in Nova Scotia. She participated in the Wall dive in Cozumel, Mexico, as well as cavern diving in Dos Ojos Cenote in Tulum Mexico.