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Kitrina M. Godding

KitrinaKitrina M. Godding
BSc & Advanced Diploma

Offshore Surveyor & Geologist

Citizenship: Canadian
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Kitrina Godding is an offshore surveyor, geologist, and PADI Master Scuba Diver.

Kitrina became fascinated with the water, at a young age, and her passion for the ocean has continued throughout the years. She became scuba-certified in 2007, has participated in numerous clean-up dives. She has dove in five different countries to date with more to come in the next year. In order to improve her skill level she has continued with her diving education becoming a rescue diver and completing numerous specialities (nitrox, dry suit, night diver, wreck diver, deep diver, underwater naturalist, underwater photographer, project aware).

Kitrina has been a member and a volunteer leader in the female youth Girl Guiding movement for over twenty years. This past spring she brought her Pathfinder unit diving in a pool with instructors to have their first experience with diving. For the past 2.5 years she has been a member of the provincial council in a role that organizes camps for girls across the province in grades 4 to 12. When Kitrina isn’t away researching the seafloor with work or exploring the world for curiosity she is spending her time providing various programs to young women. She spends many of her weekends camping both in cabins and tents with the girls enhancing their outdoor skill level.

During Padi Women’s Dive Day in July 2016, Kitrina was a part of an all female team that dove the 5 great lakes in less than 24 hours. Fourteen women braved the challenge and used a caravan style as they spent just over 23 hours driving to and diving each Great Lake.

diving arctic kelpIn 2016 became a member of the Sedna Epic Expedition and made her first expedition to the Arctic. Kitrina is the ombudswoman of the multi-year Sedna Epic Expedition, which is comprised of women ocean explorers, scientists, artists, photographers, videographers, historians, educators, and scuba diving and medical professionals from around the world. Founded in 2014, the Sedna Epic Expedition’s sea women scout, document and record disappearing sea ice in the Arctic. In consultation with Inuit team members and Inuit advisors, Sedna’s sea women deliver hands-on, ocean knowledge mobilization programs to Inuit youth, girls and Elders in Labrador, Nunavut and Greenland. Sedna’s ocean knowledge sharing and mobilization program—delivered via mobile aquariums that temporarily house sea critters, underwater-robot building workshops and snorkel safaris—has brought the ocean to eye level for more than 1,000 Inuit youths, girls and Elders in remote communities in Labrador, Nunavut and Greenland.

One of the highlights for her is the mentor program which involves Inuit girls and young women in the Arctic during Sedna’s “bringing the ocean to eye level” knowledge sharing program. She returned with Sedna Epic Expedition in 2018 to provide their knowledge sharing program and study of the Arctic in the capacity of Ombudswoman. It was evident upon her joining Team Sedna that she had compassion, was a good mediator and leader. In November 2019 Kitrina is joining Team Sedna as the Ombudswoman in Norway for a women’s leadership conference which will include Inuit women, Sami women, guest speakers and Team Sedna. After the conference they will partake in a 5 day expedition snorkeling with Orcas and conducting scientific studies including the acoustic readings of the sea.

After graduating high school Kitrina went on to pursue a BSc from Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, NS double majoring in Geology and Geography. From there she attended the Centre of Geographic Sciences (COGS) in Lawrencetown, NS obtaining an Advanced Diploma in Marine Geomatics. Kitrina relocated to Boca Raton, Florida upon graduation and worked as a nearshore surveyor conducting beach erosion surveys. During this time she was also a support diver with the Marine Biologists at the company. She later moved from nearshore work into the offshore environment mapping the ocean floor and obtaining sediment samples for the purposes of cable routes, wind farms and oil and gas fields. Kitrina has experience with Real-time Kinematic and Differential GPS, Single and Multi-beam hydrographic data collection, Side Scan Sonar, Seismic, Magnetometer and Sparker surveys.

Kitrina Godding In 2010, Kitrina conducted geological and geophysical studies in the Gulf of Mexico, following the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill. She is experienced in operating navigation software to monitor the location of underwater equipment installed on remotely operated vehicles (ROVs). Her professional career has brought her to various parts of the world including North America, Greenland and the Middle East.

Kitrina has a thirst for adventure and travel. While at Saint Mary’s University with her Geology Society she travelled around Costa Rica in a van and stopped at various sites including an active volcano. With rugby she attended the Women’s Division II National Championship in the USA playing for Fort Lauderdale and also toured Ireland and Scotland with her home club the Dartmouth Pigdogs. She has gone rafting in Colorado, cavern diving across Florida, diving in the Bahamas including a shark feeding dive, hiked part of the Inca trail in Peru and travelled to remote islands through work within the USA.

In November 2019 Kitrina is heading to Norway with Team Sedna as previously mentioned. In February 2020 to than on a diving expedition to Antarctica to officially make her a polar explorer. After that she has 2 day turn around at home prior to flying to Kenya to go on African Safaris and do a Gorilla Trek in Uganda.


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