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Dr. Megan Horowitz

Megan HorowitzDr. Megan Horowitz

Marine Veterinarian & Conservationist

Citizenship: American
Encinitas, CA

Dr. Megan Horowitz is a marine veterinarian with a longstanding interest in conservation medicine. She has always been infatuated with the natural world and knew she wanted to be a vet at five years old, after traveling to the ice floes of Nova Scotia to see newborn harp seals. Prior to veterinary school, she pursued a bachelor of science in public health, with an emphasis in health promotion and disease prevention. Throughout veterinary school, her focus was directed towards exotic animals and wildlife, specifically the human, animal, and environmental health interface. In 2016, she was elected to represent the University of Minnesota at the Legislative Fly-in in Washington DC, where she met with elected officials and advocated for pieces of legislation affecting the veterinary profession.Megan Horowitz

Megan has considerable international travel experience, including rainforest conservation in Costa Rica, public health research in rural Ghana, veterinary surgical training in Nicaragua, and expeditions to both poles. In March 2019, she returned from a month-long trip to Antarctica, where she witnessed firsthand the effects of a rapidly changing climate on vulnerable species. Through these experiences, she had developed a deep understanding of the importance of working directly with local communities–from their cultural perspective to collaborating on solutions to intractable problems.

She is also a certified SSI divemaster, with extensive SCUBA diving experience in Southern and Central California, Hawaii, and Mexico. It was after her initial open water diver certification that her focus shifted to aquatic animal medicine and marine ecosystem health. She has conducted fish and invertebrate surveys in the Swami’s Marine Protected Area, as well as organized and led dive trips with a focus on marine conservation and citizen science. She is trained in underwater search and recovery techniques and marine ecology, in order to conduct marine research and marine debris recovery. She hopes to utilize her background and skills to improve monitoring protocols for marine protected areas worldwide.Megan Horowitz Penguins


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