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Renata Rojas


Renata Rojas

Technical Diver, Aquanaut & Investment Banker

Citizenship: Dual Mexican and American
New York, New York

Born in Mexico City and based in New York City, Renata Rojas is a Mexican master diver.

Renata’s father was a dive instructor. Following in his footsteps, she began diving in Cozumel, at age 12.

renata-block-islandAs an associate member of the Explorers Club, Renata’s world-wide diving experience includes the Galapagos Archipelago, cage diving with great white sharks near Guadalupe, Mexico, cave diving, Australia’s Great Barrier Reef, and the coral reefs of the Maldives, amongst others.

Renata’s childhood fascination with the RMS Titanic culminated with her competing for (and winning) a spot in the 2012 Titanic Expedition. The expedition’s objective was to dive (in a Russian submersible) to more than 12,000 feet to the ship’s final resting place. Although Renata’ dive was cancelled twice, she still dreams of diving on the RMS Titanic one day.

Out of the water, Renata works for a large European bank. Equipped with a MBA, she’s a director of loan syndications and trading, with a focus on Latin America.

Renata is hoping that her involvement in the Expedition can help create awareness around disappearing sea ice in the Arctic, transmitting the Sedna vision and mission throughout Latin America.

During the 2014-2016 Sedna Epic Expedition, Renata will conduct interviews for Spanish-speaking media outlets, discussing the impacts of disappearing sea ice on the Arctic ecosystems and Inuit communities.

Renata will participate in all aspects of the Expedition, from counting marine mammals and sea birds to collecting (and releasing) marine invertebrates.

Email Renata: renata@sednaepic.com

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