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Susan R. Eaton

Susan R. Eaton

Susan R. Eaton

Expedition Leader, Geoscientist & Journalist

Citizenship: Canadian
Fort Smith, Northwest Territories

A geoscientist, journalist and explorer, Susan R. Eaton studies the interplay of plate tectonics, oceans, glaciers, climate and life in polar regions.

A Fellow of the Royal Canadian Geographical Society, Susan explores the world’s oceans—from Antarctica to the Arctic—in the snorkel zone, a unique land-sea-ice-air interface where charismatic animals and snorkelers comingle.

In 2018, Ocean Geographic named Susan one of the “Ocean’s Best” 18 most influential women leaders in ocean conservation.

Twelve years ago, Susan suffered a scuba diving trauma that landed her in a hyperbaric chamber for three days, ending her 30-year diving career. Undaunted, her up-close-and-personal relationship with the ocean—which had included studying marine biology and teaching scuba diving—didn’t end in the hyperbaric chamber…

scuba practice

Susan R. Eaton navigates pack ice, northern Labrador, Canada, during the Sedna Epic’s Proof-of-Concept Expedition, July 2014.

Redefining her relationship with the ocean, Susan has snorkeled with thousands of chatty belugas Hudson Bay and with docile manatees at Crystal River, Florida. She’s snorkeled in the Galapagos Archipelago where sea turtles, sea lions and nurse sharks outnumber snorkelers. In Haida Gwaii, she’s assisted the Haida Nation, snorkeling northern rivers to count salmon migrating to their ancestral spawning grounds. Susan has come face-to-mask with charging 1,400-pound leopard seals in the Southern Ocean—so close, in fact, that she could count the freckles on their upper palates and inspect their tri-serrated teeth which dispatch 30-pound penguins in mere minutes.

On Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017, Susan was honoured to be included in the book by Paulina Cameron, entitled “Canada 150 Women: Conversations with Leaders, Champions and Luminaries.”

In 2015, the Royal Canadian Geographical Society named Susan one of Canada’s top 100 modern-day explorers and trailblazers. A year later, the same organization named her one of Canada’s 25 greatest female explorers.

In the past decade, Susan has participated in five science-based dive and snorkel expeditions focused on climate change in the Falkland Islands, South Georgia, the Western Antarctic Peninsula, Labrador, Nunavut, Greenland, Svalbard, Spitzbergen and Iceland.

Susan is the founder and leader of the multi-year Sedna Epic Expedition, which is comprised of an international team of women ocean explorers, scientists, historians, artists, image-makers, educators and scuba divers. Founded in 2013, the Sedna Epic Expedition’s mission is to scout, document and record disappearing sea ice in the Arctic.

In consultation with Inuit team members and advisors, Sedna’s sea women deliver hands-on, ocean knowledge sharing and mobilization programs to Inuit youth, girls and Elders. Since 2014, Susan has led three all-women dive and snorkel expeditions to the Arctic (Labrador, Nunavut, Greenland and Iceland).

An active volunteer in the conversation sector since 1990, Susan is passionate about protecting Canada’s endangered ecosystems and the animals who call them home. She currently sits on the board of directors of Nature Canada—the oldest nature conservation charity in Canada—whose mandate is protecting parks and wildlife areas and creating citizen science and urban nature initiatives. Susan is a founding member of Nature Canada’s Women for Nature, a collaborative partnership of 150 women of influence who champion nature and inspire young leaders for nature.

A senior advisor in the Canadian and international energy sector, Susan provides technical, financial and strategic due diligence to oil and gas, legal and equity finance companies. Susan’s strong financial background was honed while working, as Vice-President of Exploration, with several publicly-traded and privately-held junior oil and gas companies. She is an expert witness in oil and gas litigation and regulatory hearings.

Susan holds a B. Sc. Hon. degree in geology and biology from Dalhousie University and a M.Sc. in petroleum geology (geophysics specialization) from Imperial College’s Royal School of Mines, University of London.

Equipped with a B. J. Hon. degree from Carleton University’s School of Journalism, Susan began her media career in as an on-camera news reporter with CBC-TV. Today, as a corporate communications specialist, she creates external communications materials which include annual and quarterly reports, press releases, speeches, advertorials, and website and social media content.

As a freelance writer, Susan reports on science and technology, business, energy, the environment, space, geotourism and adventure travel. Her articles and photographs have been published in Canadian, American and international magazines and newspapers, including The Geographer, Water Canada, Canadian Geographic, Ocean Geographic, Outpost, Popular Mechanics, Explorer, DIVER Magazine, ALERT Diver, DivePhotoGuide, New Technology, Alberta Oil Magazine, Business Edge, the Financial Post, the Edmonton Journal and the Calgary Herald.

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